Drum roll… Introducing TUMAR CRAFTS!!

Five months ago I announced that I had begun my first business venture. Today, I am happy to announce that Tumar Crafts is open for business!  The online store can be found at tumarcrafts.com. I have over 60 items across five product categories.

Tumar Crafts is an online boutique that aims to offer every family, child and friend unique handmade products of the highest quality that are both natural and beautiful, while preserving and celebrating cultural heritage. All products sold on Tumar Crafts are handmade by local artisans in Central Asia.

I am proud of this small business. Key to the brand I am building (and I am certain there is an audience who will appreciate it) is quality craftsmanship, all natural materials, and socially responsible practices.  And on this side of the world, I am helping to support the local economy and independent artists.

I am in the process of designing new products for the western market and will add new items as I see fit, so keep coming back to check them out. I am also very encouraged by the discussions I’ve had with other retailers around the country and their keen interest to carry my products. And I am targeting initiatives from very large retailers that put funds towards artisans, craftsmanship, small business, socially responsible, etc.

Tumar Crafts already has a presence on the major social media platforms and in the coming weeks I will setup my messaging.

I hope you really love it!

P.S. Holiday season is right around the corner and these are really fantastic gifts ;)

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