A sneak peek at my first business venture!


I am thrilled to finally announce that I have started my first and very own business venture! It’s a chance for me to share local and handmade arts, accessories and crafts from this part of the world. And all the while, I can help to support the local economy, as well as independent artists. It’s an opportunity that I am proud of and can’t wait to get up and running.

Here’s a little preview of what’s to come. I have a multi-year exclusivity (direct to consumer and wholesale) contract for all of North America with a collective art group based in Central Asia. It’s a project that is constantly evolving, which creates a bit of a challenge, but also makes it that much more interesting.

So stay tuned! In the coming months I will be launching an eCommerce site, as well as several marketing initiatives. I hope you find the products to be as extraordinary and unique as I do!


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