Catching dinner and thinking like an Eskimo

We have been spending time in Atyrau, an industrial city in western Kazakhstan. The climate is completely different from where we permanently live in Almaty. It’s cold there, like -38 Celsius degrees cold (for some perspective, at -40 degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit converge) and strong winds are common. I’ve never experienced cold temperatures to this extreme and have convinced myself that the key to achieving a sense of warmth is to think like an Eskimo.

Despite the freezing temperatures, we’ve ventured out to try our hand at ice fishing. We fish on the Ural river (the river that divides Europe and Asia) and have had limited success.

Our success is hindered by the time we spend out there. I don’t last long! But we have a great time interacting with the community of local fisherman that freeze together and then pray together that they get enough fish quickly in order to feed their families.

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