Debut family vegetable garden

Following my Russian lesson, which I should mention went surprisingly well considering it was my first after nearly five weeks, we spent the afternoon planting our first “real” home vegetable garden (i.e., not a couple pots of herbs on my fire escape in New York City).

We planted as many of our favorite vegetables as we could find, as well as two types of strawberries. We are already spoiled with a variety of fruit producing trees in our yard. Our garden consists of the following: red and yellow peppers, all sorts of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green onions, asparagus, a variety of lettuce, peas (we’re hoping they are something like snap peas, but who knows) and a bunch of different herbs. We’re only missing corn and soy beans, but those are not in popular demand here and difficult to find.

We’re crossing our fingers for a successful harvest! We have a few things in our favor. The soil here is densely rich, we are fortunate to have an ideal location in our backyard that gets just the right amount of sunlight each day and the growing season is long due to a favorable climate.

We recently picked some strawberries. They spoil so quickly (as mentioned in my Green Market post) so rather than toss them, I decided to try my hand at strawberry bread. Hopefully by late summer we’ll be producing an abundance of delicious strawberries right in our own backyard, from which I can make some more!

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