Mountains. Aлмa. Murphy. Happy.

Continuing on the topic of apples, now is a good time for a lesson in toponymy (the study of place names). We live in Almaty or Алма-aтa in Kazakh, which literally translates into “grandfather of apples.” The root, алма, is the Kazakh word for apple, and this region is thought to be the ancestral home of apples and is famous for the variety. I bet you didn’t know that! There’s even a local variety called the aport or апорт, that has been found to exceed four pounds!

I don’t think there’s another person who loves apples more than me and I feel lucky to enjoy so many different kinds.  I’ve taken full advantage of the fact that there are apple trees essentially in our backyard and bake all sorts of cakes, pies and crumbles.

Happy Birthday, Murphy! It’s been nine blissful years.

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