Mid-summer garden update and Korea trip

On our way to Korea we stopped by our house in Almaty. I am happy to report that our labor of love – our garden – is doing very well! We returned to Astana with bags of lettuce, spinach, basil and cucumbers. Now I can make fresh pesto to put on the Alaskan salmon Travis brought back to Kazakhstan! (One gets excited about these things when living in a landlocked country in the southern Siberian tundra). And by mid-August we’ll have even more to enjoy, including tomatoes, broccoli and carrots. I just may consider opening my own kiosk at the Green Market (Зеленый базар) if our garden continues to produce at this rate.

Our trip to Korea was one of the most memorable. We spent time with 30 family members, including Travis’ grandmother who is actually 97 years-old. I wanted to put her in my pocket (she would likely fit) and take her home. Her hands reminded me of my grandmother’s, Ninnie. They were soft and little, yet strong. And so when I held her hand there was a part of me that didn’t want to let go.

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