Travel. A look back.

In just this past year we have traveled to Turkey, France, Spain (Mallorca), Italy, England, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Kyrgyzstan. In less than two weeks we can add Korea to this list. We’re going there to meet Travis’ extended family, including his 96 year-old grandmother. I can’t wait to meet her. Our travel list excludes Kazakhstan itself where we have covered a LOT of ground (in what is a very large country) and all of our US trips (including Alaska). Many of you have suggested to me to “travel my heart out” and as you can tell, I am doing just that.

To be honest, this past week was not a highlight for the memory books. Between the new digs and new job in a new city (that just so happens to be in Kazakhstan), at times I felt out of sorts. I know, it’s going to take time. Besides, it’s only been a little more than one week.

My idea for this blog has always been to share experiences, adventures, and stories of our life specific to Kazakhstan and the surrounding regions, and I intend to keep it that way. But when I think about all the travel we’ve managed to do in just this first year (even when considering a couple major life events – a marriage and two moves) and the travel plans we’ve made for this upcoming year, it’s no surprise that it made me feel better to reflect on all these wonderful experiences. We’re doing exactly what we originally set out to do – to see the world, making the most of our time abroad and it feels great. The best part is that we’re just getting started!

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