Tumar Crafts Artisans video – check it out

A couple months back I wrote an entry, “Filming the Tumar Crafts artists in action.” Check out the final cut. I could not be more excited to share it with all of you!

My personal opinion is that there’s a nostalgia to return to a time where one knew where their products came from and had a sense of how they were made. This video helps to bridge this gap and importantly, helps potential customers better understand the Tumar Crafts story.  Admittedly, I struggled at times to properly articulate elements of this story. For example, there’s a wide spectrum of definitions for handmade. At Tumar Crafts it literally means no modern machinery is used in any part of the process. Every single step is done by hand from the time the sheep are shorn, to compressing the layers of wool fibers together to create felt, to hand-molding each slipper or sewing every detail on a toy and so on; not partially handmade using industrially produced materials, as was often the feedback I got in the US.

It’s taken some time to understand the production processes, end-markets, input costs etc., but I now feel that I have a better hold on things. With this video I plan to launch several initiatives with the hopes of growing the Tumar Crafts business and giving back to the artists. I’ve set some lofty goals that I am determined to achieve.

Please feel free to share this video with others and help me to get the word out!

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